After researching the area of Blaak/Westblaak, we discovered the wide and traffic-occupied street profile to deliver an unwanted barrier function between the two sides of Blaak. In combination with vacant building skirts, monofunctional real-estate and a barely used central position in the city, this is what makes Blaak unattractive for individuals, organisations and companies to settle. Also, Blaak lacks spatial quality which would make the elongated concrete area habitable.

By redesigning the street profile, as well as visually and physically connecting the surrounding cityscape, reallocating several properties and improving the spatial quality of the public space, Blaak/Westblaak regains it's appeal as a central axis for urban life in the city centre of Rotterdam.


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The redevelopment of Rotterdam Blaak is a group project, consisting of the following students and their functions:

Niels Baljet Consultant in urbanism
Martijn Hollestelle Transportation & planning
Maarten Ingen Housz Provincial government
Aimée Kouyoumdjian Real estate users
Marc Postel Landscape architect
Freek Wijsman Real estate manager
Marissa van der Veer Economic affairs
Bob Zwanink Environmental consultant
Mattijs van ‘t Hoff Teacher

It was awarded 'best project' by the municipality of Rotterdam.

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