The grown pavilion is a meeting room built at the ministry of Economic Affairs in the Hague. It’s comprised out of modular timber panels, filled with mycelium insulation blocks to enhance acoustic and thermal properties. Mycelium is used as a bio composite to turn agricultural waste into valuable building material.

The pavilion is designed without compromises, however it merely uses harmless, fully recyclable materials. We chose Ekotex graphite paint (C2C Gold), building felt from I-did (made out of old KLM-suits) and second-hand office furniture. The lamps and acoustic panels are also grown out of mycelium. A ceiling-high plant wall with natural light entering from above ensures a healthy indoor climate.

After being used, the meeting room can be easily disassembled and used elsewhere. Even after the products lifetime it can be fully recycled without any harmful substances.


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The grown pavilion is made together with Marc Postel (Fungalogic) and Tom Vollaard.

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