In the green meadows surrounding Delft, the municipality planned a new bridge to connect two bicycle routes between Delft and Rotterdam. The oldest known archetype of a bridge is a cut-down tree, connecting both sides of the water. This archetype is the basis for our concept, a local bridge embedded in the surrounding polder nature.


pijl The primordial archetype of a bridge: a tree crossing the water.

pijl To fully embed the bridge in it's surrounding landscape, it has a subtle curve.

pijl Local branches of willow are used to clad the skin of the bridge.

pijl The willow branches form a wicker, mimicking the bark of a tree.


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pijl Section of the bridge. The construction consists of two truss beams, hidden behind the willow branches.


The Karitaatmolensloot bridge was a contest, consisting of the following students:

Ludo Groen
Bob Zwanink

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